Friday, December 21, 2007

For a reason, season or a lifetime...

Long time back I read somewhere, that people come into your life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. Honestly it didn't make much sense initially... just another quote I thought that sounds nice, but for past few days I have been pondering a lot about it... may be my subconscious mind could sense my present condition in life and thus surfaced that thought ... or may it happened just because I had nothing better to occupy myself with or may be both, none the less I remembered this line and have been trying to touch its depths ... and whats more I found myself in full agreement!

I thought it was quite a bizarre idea to begin with... I mean one meets so many different people each day so can just three rationale justify why they come into our lives... well, surprisingly enough,Yes..they can! These three underlying principles explains everything and not just that it even takes the blame from you and gives you the reason to exonerate yourself for losing that Special Someone!

Let me make myself more apparent as the nose on your face... haha ... jokes apart!

People come into your life for a REASON... yes that's right! After all there is a reason for every thing in life and some people come into your life JUST for a reason... They are more often than not, part of a larger plan and come into your life for a purpose and once the purpose is over they sail away as smoothly as they came. The purpose could be anything ... to teach you some important lesson in life, to help you realise your true destiny or even to just help you out of a sticky situation and once that purpose has been accomplished they go! They leave you or pick up a fight on some petty issues and part ways or just drift away not because you were at fault but simply because that's how it was meant to be!

People come into your life for a SEASON... ahan you got that right! Some people are like those beautiful daffodils... they bring sunshine, delight and fragrance and rejuvenate your soul but they remain only for a short season.... While they are there they fill your life with happiness and make it warm and beautiful... to say the least they make you want to celebrate life and fall in love with it all over again! But like all good things... they remain only for a short while and depart as soon as the spring comes to an end! But they leave you with wonderful memories to withstand the winter...!!

And then there are some who come into your life for a LIFETIME...!!
I have added a few to this list and hope to add many more... they are the ones who make my life worth all the trouble and endeavour ! I wouldn't give them up for the world but I would give up the world for them, without any second thoughts!
Today I thank YOU from the depths of my heart for giving me those cherished memories and being a part of my life... whether for a reason , season or a lifetime ...!

For YOU a thousand times over...



Anonymous said...

so did i come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime..??? i think i am pretty seasonal.. lol lol.. brilliant piece of work..

parul said...

dumb founde!
gd thought process"keep it up"

RUDRA said...

you know something...i won't comment on your SKILL of putting words together rather.... fine i'll help you swallowing this ... !

nobody enters in neone's biography on a self assigned contract ... viz' nothings planned like "lifetime/shorttime/..."

>>It's the situation/condition/...n what not.... leads to the word SPLIT btw. that soul n us!

>> "JUST lIV3 lIF3 n for GOD SAKE sTOp aNAlYziNG iT!!"

this very idea is too very philosophical ... i too have read this once n every WORD of it wore a signature of someone in deep sorrow .. who know least about living LIFE!! so who cares about the concept he came-up-with!!

P.S:sry.. yar just got lil' pissed with this n so cudn't resist myself ... hope i din spoiled your string!

as usual WRITING's GOOD

Shulamith said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog...Needless to add, Im not returning your favor but genuinely want to express my kudos for great writng in ur blog...I loved this sentence, it makes perfect sense... "Some people are like those beautiful daffodils... they bring sunshine, delight and fragrance and rejuvenate your soul but they remain only for a short season"


yeah i think ur quite right...i can now actually classify everyone in one of the three categories you mentioned. well written and well expressed :)

shruti... ;) said...

oye yaar...i'm so J...hw do u manage to b funny nd serious all 2gdr..

shruti... ;) said...

aur haan...mujhe tumhare article ne prasann kiya....
tumne kite runner padhi hai..mujhe pata hai...tum bas show off karti raho....he he he...
on a serious note..:

he he...that's my serious note 2 u..

Rebel Raised by SATAN himself said...

lol.. one more category!! ppl u never meet but they are in your life!!!

Belated happy Birthday..

And nice article!!..

Meher B said...

if i think about it, i can actually categorize everyone in my life as such :O
not good

Ketan said...

Hi! I think you overlooked one aspect of the "reason" for which people into your life--"their reason". It'd be naive if I assume that you're not aware of this category of people going by the overall maturity of your other blogs. There would be infinite number of people who you benefit, rather than the other way round, whether it be for a reason, season or a lifetime.

Why did I comment on this note? Because I felt that your this particular blog sounded unrealistically romantic (optimistic, may I?).

Really enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep it up!


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