Saturday, September 12, 2009

All you need is...

Geez, did you buy those rose coloured glasses or did you paint them yourself? Do take them off before you look at the world next time. Anyway...
Every time I smell flowers I invariably find myself looking for the coffin.
People blame my cynicism. I blame experience.
Belief is elusive but doubt is better than cure.
P.S: All you need is 'cynicism'.

You still haven't taken off those rose-tinted glasses, have you? 


Lemon Girl said...

Oh Deva, is there anything a mere mortal of this world can do to make you smile at the mention of love again?

A few whiskeys maybe? ;)

Just Me :) said...

I think I could use "whiskey goggles". Just tell me the place :-) (as long as there are no pigeons :-/)

Shantanu said...

Well, the world is trying hard, but it hasn't made me a cynic yet.

In my opinion, your best piece of writing so far.

Sherry Wasandi said...

AAAaaaaaaaaaaa! Bats!

I like the layout. But the birds are a little hyperactive.

I think I'll stare at them a little longer.

I think I'm growing dizzy.

Just Me :) said...

Dear Sherry,
After all the experimenting, fiddling with HTML codes, colours, backgrounds.. trying hyperactive birds to my own pictures and getting bored with the look of my blog every third day (sometimes even sooner) I am finally satisfied. :-)

Oh, and those hyperactive birds causing all the dizziness were intentional. It was to help people empathise with my current state of mind ;-)

Just Me :) said...

@ Shantanu: I am glad at least somebody appreciates the cynical me. :-)

And good luck, I hope your optimism wins.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Zany blog, this!

Cynicism is so underrated tho'..cynics come out with the best books, tho'..The Devil's Dictionary, for example!

imperfect said...

The Beatles make a cynic even more cynical I suppose !

Just Me :) said...

@ TUIB: Zany? Really?
erm.. thanks, I guess. ;-)

Optimism as defined by 'Devil's dictionary'- The doctrine, or belief, that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly, everything good, especially the bad, and everything right that is wrong.. Now wouldn't you agree? ;-)

@ Imperfect: No, I wouldn't blame the Beatles. I have never blamed people for the beliefs they hold or for being optimistic either. After all, I was one of them at one point.

imperfect said...

It's not a blame, it's just how they make me feel. And yes, thats coming from a die hard Beatles fan ! :)
But then again, it's "we" who have created the barriers in terms of what is the state to be in (optimistic) and what's not (cynical) . They are just two separate things, no stronger or weaker or better or worst than the other.

As for blames, I read this somewhere
" If I am smiling after making making a mistake it's only because I have decided who to blame it on" ;)

Death On Two Legs said...

The Beatles have songs like Anna(Go To Him) on one hand, and Run For Your Life on the other. I doubt they held 'love is all you need' as their lifelong anthem :P

But yeah, I think love IS all you need. Love having NO romantic connotations.

JD said...

Amen, a hundred times over.
It's not your best friends and the likes that will be there for you in the worst of times, it's cynicism. All hail.

Anonymous said...

The cynical you is humourous with a wry wit...I wonder what the optimist you is/was like...And were you optimistic before or after love...?

Rehab Chougle said...

I like the cynicism. In some ways it mirrors my own. Hate the fact that people associate love with mush and an overflowing sewage tank called romance.
More the believer in silent,conversational and private love. Public displays are either desperate or show-offy!

Just Me :) said...

First of all apologies for the super delayed reply.

@ Imperfect: I _am smiling, yes. ;-)

@ Death on two legs: The new world order where love is put in display window of Archies and Romance is confined to mushy talks with red-rose, chocolates with a little PDA thrown in? You get the idea, but I still feel romance is the essence of love and here romance is concerned- in the words of Aristotle- not with things as they are but as they might be and ought to be.
so Love for a better world, cheers ;-)

Just Me :) said...

@ JD: Glad to meet a fellow cynic. :-)

@ Lonelteyes: Take a wild guess ;-)

@ Rehab Chougle : yes ma'am. Refer to above comment addressed to "Death on two legs" :-)


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