Thursday, February 16, 2012

You know you're with the right guy when..

..even after being with you for 4 years

  • the thought of being with you for another forty still fills him with a sense of wonder
  • he remembers the stuffed white tiger you liked in the mall and surprises you with it and a little tiger cub at your work.
  • he drives through traffic to your work just because you have a sudden whim to have lunch with him
  • he wrote a special song, just to put you to sleep
  • he holds you by the waist and sings softy in your ear till you completely forget what was bothering you
  • he drives around entire city to find you momos exactly like the ones you loved in back home
  • he tells a store manager to keep an eye out for a particular blue dress you had been obsessing over and randomly picks you from work to get you the dress as soon as it arrives
  • he celebrates your ‘Birthday Eve’, ‘Birthday’ and throws in another ‘Birthday++’ because you don’t want the celebration to end yet. 3 days of birthday celebration because he knows how much you love your birthdays
  • he gets you lunch because you are too lazy, too hungry or too caught up to get some yourself
  • he knows that you’re sharing your last piece of chocolate cake with him only and only because you’re full and still loves you
  • he sings you to sleep
  • he tells you dragon stories(if you still love dragons that is) to keep your mind off the pain during your periods
  • he quits smoking because the smoke makes you nauseous
  • he flies down from another city over the weekend because you really miss him
  • he randomly gets you roses
  • he sees the world as - things you love or would love and things you dislike and hate
  • he is willing to let you drive his car even though the last time was a disaster
  • instead of ignoring you or waiting for you to tell him, he still gets bothered if you are even slightly angry, upset or even irritated
  • he stops the car and runs across the highway to get you some wild dried plant that you thought looked fascinating
  • he takes out time every once in a while to tell you that you are the best thing that happened to him
P.S: Still confused? Well let's just say if you're with the right guy, you'll already have a list of your own. ;)

The Right Guy? 


Rahul said...

Haye re.. mera chhota baby :)

Parag Gupta said...

This is interesting. Tell us, oh mighty Timon in love, when did you turn in to a teenager in love? ^_^
(DO not give me some emo shit for this)

Antara said...

Good Lord. Who are you and what have you done to my Deva?

But yes. Everyone has their lists. :)

Just Me said...

@ Anta & Pumba: Yes, I know I out-did my own reputation there. Happiness does that to me ;-)

Rozita Singh said...

Devaa it was nice to read that you are pampered by your love :) But to me it also seems to be 'rich' love :) There are more non-materialistic activities that one can do in love especially for those who can't afford the things you listed :D just a thought, no offence.
Am really happy for you :)
And yeah me back in blogosphere and one more thing- he really loves you and care about you (inferred it from one thing- he gets you the right momos!) haha :D am reminded of your momo cravings

Rahul said...

I don't believe any of the points mention any expense that would be hard for a guy with an average job; unless of course the guy is a complete pauper, in which case maybe 'love' should be less on his mind and 'work' should be more?

Just Me said...

@Rozi: You know I am not the one to take offence but you sure gave me a scare. I thought my blogger account was hacked and someone had edited my post implying I was gifted diamonds or something. So I double checked.
Phew! It’s still just a blue dress, a stuffed tiger and some roses. :P

Thanks for the comment and welcome back to Blogosphere.


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