Saturday, December 29, 2012

An apologetic goodbye- RIP GIRL. I am sorry (Delhi Rape Case)

Dear Friend (Medical Student),

I know it's a bit too late and may be too little for what you've gone through, but I want to start by aplologising to you on the behalf of a society that needed an 'educated girl like you to be brutally mutilated on a public transport on a route that they themselves have taken at least once in their lifetime' to awaken, because this time it was too close to home for them; on the behalf of the inept, inert, apathetic Police force that sincerely believes that women themselves are responsible for getting raped- after all real victims never report and that couldn't protect your basic right to live; the corrupt, torpid & dormant government that wakes up occasionally to issue statements after every crime, and promptly goes back to sleep.

I apologise to you on the behalf of every Indian who takes pride in his/her country and defends the misogynistic traditions and hypocritical patriarchal culture it stands for; on the behalf of a sad nation that will call you on the 8th day of Navratras and respectfully wash your feet while being glad that you weren't born in their family; on the behalf of every mother and father who claims that they treat their children equally and give them equal opportunities by sending them to school, while asking their daughters to be back home before 'sun-set', on the behalf of all those men, women and politicians who feel one accident should turn a woman into a 'Zinda laash'; on the behalf of the entire media that made your whole life look meaningless in comparison that one incident and went on to nickname you 'Damini'. I'm sorry, that we Indians are like that- we just love our butter chicken and Bollywood, and I'm sorry that you went out with just any male friend and not with Sunny Deol by your side, but being a Delhite you should have known better that you'll need to be protected, that you'll need a real man by your side to fight for you.

I apologise to you on the behalf of all the people who felt sorry for you, angry even, but who instead of actually getting up and doing something about it updated their facebook or twitter status and instantly felt better. I apologise on the behalf of each and every person who readily passes the buck and blames the politicians, the miserable system or even the police instead of admitting that they themselves at some level or the other were part of the problem; on behalf of everyone who will tell you to rest in peace while those rascals breathe easy and your family runs from pillar to post for justice.

Please also accept my apologies on the behalf of everyone who is demanding death penalty, life imprisonment or even castration for those bastards- I wish I could ensure a more medieval punishment- stuffing the same rod in every possible hole in the bodies of those men several times a day, everyday, till they are dead.

I know you must be hopeful, but let me apologise to you in advance for all the disappointments that are about to come your way when the government fails to do something, anything; when the flurry around you dies down and people get back to their routines; when you're forced to fade into oblivion by celebrity marriages or even cricket matches, and become a date in archives of old news papers until other mutilated rape victim takes your place.

Last but not the least I want to apologise to you of my own actions and inaction- every time that I gave into my mom's demands of being back home before dark, every time I didn't give hell to those sexual harassers on the public transport because I was tired to my bones or wanted to get home early, everytime I saw a woman being harassed and let myself be pulled to safety by my friends instead of doing something about it. I have slapped, beaten and dragged men to police vans for sexual harassment, even broken their cell phones for taking pictures of unsuspecting women but I apologise for just stopping there and even feeling good about myself. I apologise for not following up at the police station because I got busy or just lazy.

I apologise sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. 
With a hand on my heart, I bid you Goodbye my friend. 
I can only hope you're in a better place now.

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Bonobology said...

More power to you. Liked all your humanitarian writings.


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