Friday, July 31, 2009

Happily Ever After

I am sure that's what you were hoping for and looking forward to? Or at least wishing for? Right??
That’s the cherished dream, I get it.

Good Morning.
Now wake up and go wash your face.
Look around, yes go ahead. Does it look like you are in a fairy tale?
Welcome to the real world. Have a pleasant stay.

Does it look like you're in a fairy tale?


Lemon Girl said...

You couldn't just let me be alone in my rosy photoshopped world, could you now?


Sherry Wasandi said...

Oh no. What I'm hoping for is just a slightly different form of torture.

Get bored easily, you see. ;)

Even torment should come in varieties. Keeps the fun alive.

Just Me :) said...

@ lemon girl: Told you already, mention not! ;-)

@ Sherry: true,life can be banal and dry in absence of variety, whether its the mistakes you make or the consequences you suffer.
I have always admired you for the choices you make. ;-)

Sherry Wasandi said...

Like Wilde said, our mistakes end up being the only things we never regret.

Keeping with that view of things, I execute grand fallacies with unbridled aplomb! It's quite something to be admired for that..

*add lopsided grin for effect*

Pratyush said...

Not everybody wants a happy ending, do they? You'll always find a bunch of people who don't give a rat's arse about what's there at the end of the road end as long as the ride is riveting and rollicking enough...

Just Me :) said...

@ Sherry: Everyone makes mistakes unknowingly, but to actually 'execute' grand fallacies with unbridled aplomb.. now that's an art. And that's what you are admired for! ;-)

*a lopsided grin with with an understanding nod*

Just Me :) said...

@ Pratyush: Show me a person who doesn't want a 'happy ending' and I'll show you a liar. People might deny it vehemently but they all _want it..
And it becomes all the more desirable, when the ride has been "riveting and rollicking", because no one wants the good things to end! Wouldn't you agree?

Pratyush said...

Maybe you're right.

But look at it this way - after it's ended, since it's ended, you can't feel happy or sad about it.

So, it doesn't really matter if your ending is happy or sad. It's what happened before the ending that actually matters - the ride.

Of course, since we humans have a major tendency of worrying, we want our ending to be happy, even if we won't be able to really relish that happiness. And since we're all human, we all, deep down inside, want a happy ending. But then we want many other things deep down inside. What comes out of the layers of logic and learning and your world-view is what you want, and in this light I can say that I have met such people.


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