Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Last Time

There is always the ‘next time’ after ‘one last time’. 
I give in and then hate myself for every ‘next time’ that happens after my ‘one last time’.
I am going to have drink just ‘one last time’.
I'm going to let it go 'one last time'.
I am going to lie just ‘one last time’.
I am going to meet him just ‘one last time’.
I am going to talk to him ‘one last time’.
I am going to be nice to him, just ‘one last time’.
I want to hear his voice so bad, ‘one last time’.
One last time…
And then invariably there is the ‘next time’ when I give in telling myself again that I am going to do it just ‘one last time’.
How weak does one have to be to have a next time after every ‘one last time’. 
May be I do it because I am weak and because it’s easy. I know it’s not the best thing to do, but I promise I will do it just ‘one last time.’

P.S: In Oscar Wilde's words, "I can resist anything but temptations".


Ishita_Dasgupta said...


Just Me :) said...

An exclamation mark could mean so much. Pull me out of the ambiguities you put me in, elaborate.

deluded said...


to the above I would say


deluded said...

it IS a bad thing though.

so many exams have gone by with me thinking

'kal se pakka'


deluded said...

and you.

arent you ashamed of yourself?


ask me why.

Just Me :) said...

@ Deluded: I have never been ashamed of myself in my life, so no point asking 'why'.

Even then I am curious as you what makes you think I should be... or is it one of those, err.. conversation starters? ;-)

Parag Gupta said...

Remember that you are human?

deluded said...


no, it was a bad pun.

it wasnt supposed to be a conversation starter.

but now that it HAS overachieved itself, I think we should respect its wishes ;) :)

Anty said...

I understand exactly how you feel!

But I agree.


Just Me :) said...

@ Parag Gupta: It's not a good enough reason but it makes me feel marginally better.

P.S: Though bananas can do wonders to my mood!! :-P

@ Deluded: I can try, but I am too whimsical to respect anyone's wishes! :-|

@ Anty: and now I want to hug you too!

deluded said...


that should be good enough :)

unforgiven said...

I am a huge fan of logic, but, I realize that at times, one needs to what they have to do. That is, at times.

Addictions? Are bad, always.

If that is the only reason that is left, the last time, should remain that. I know it's not easy.

Believe me.
I know.

Diwakar Sinha said...

we are a bit loose on resoluteness...what to do

Just Me :) said...

@ unforgiven: The core issue is picking the easier way out. Almost always.
Very convenient, very addictive.

And I believe you, this once.

@ Diwakar: Wait till I figure it out, then I shall announce it with drumroll! ;-)


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