Friday, November 9, 2007


Update: It's better if you skip this one. This is one of those pieces that make you cringe when you read them after a passage of time. The liberties I took with the punctuation are not the only thing wrong with this post. Thank god for growing up.

There are some who won't care... no matter what you do and then there are some who can't stop caring, no matter what you do. So guess I just hold on to the latter and let go of the former. No hard feelings guys. I love you all but not more than myself !!!!
Here's wishing everyone a happy, joyous... and fun filled Diwali !!! Enjoy....

P.S. On going through this post I realised that I've been beating around the bush but whatever... .... ... I like taking liberties once in a while..!!! :)

Yours truly,
(the eternal optimist..!!)

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