Monday, November 5, 2007

Rendezvous with Madam X's eccentricities

As if that crazy test wasn't enough, after class Madam X expressed her desire to go home with me. I was simply too shocked and confused to reply to her sudden offer and the true blue optimist that she is, she took my lack of reply as a whole hearted acceptance! With no escape route in sight, I went with her till the bus stop- limping, panting and carrying her heavy trademark jholas.

We waited for an auto for what seemed like eternity, meanwhile Ms. X danced on the road in her trademark style. To say the least, Madam X is a walking talking monument; she never ceases to be the focus of attention. Though attention that she attracts need not necessarily be positive, being in the media we believe any attention is good attention. As I fought off all the reflected attention I was getting by pretending not to know her, I wondered how being a communication teacher herself, she could not read the obvious non-verbal signs I was giving.

Ultimately, by gods grace the bus came (yes, we couldn't get an auto thanks to the good 10 minutes lecture she gave to three auto waal's on politeness, work ethics and what not!) I forced Madam X, my self and her classic jholas in the over crowded bus and thanked my stars that at least I wasn't alone with her.

Of course in the mean time Madam X being in her element continued with her perennial Bharat Natyam in the crowded bus (this is no exaggeration, on the contrary it's as literal as I can get).
As I wondered what worse could happen I realised in time that I was being optimistic to the point of foolishness, because then, just then in the half way, when I thought my troubles were over, a lightening realization struck Madam X, she had nirvana, she realized..........that…….... that she has forgotten to lock the media library!

Bas phir kaya tha.. driver ko bol kar bus rukwaye... khud to niche kud gayi... par mujhe post-man bana diya... she left... her 10kg ka khana + papers + other junk........with me.....and. asked me to drop them at her place............ and .....before she got down....she wanted her water bottle (what if i feel thirsty? How will I have college water? God..I'll die...!!) and so she did her authentic Madam X style search to find that particular “blue” water bottle ...she didn't want the white one I gave her (germs???). I was awestruck, trust me the Indian Anti-terrorism Cell should take a lesson or two from her in 'the art of searching' !!

Then as the fate would have it, I walked for about an hour carrying her junk...searching her makaan..........and ........“hai meri kamar.......ui maa....!!!”



heheee!! i purely sympathise wid u! ;) bt its alwayz an adventure wid her...shez **unique** :D

sherry said...

Ahh,If I were in your shoes.........
well,they probably wouldn't fit me..!(Pun intended,think about it..)

You know what they say..what's a genius without his eccentricities??
Eh...she's whacked..I know..but I have a feeling I would have been up there doing the "bhangra" with her bharatnatyam..

P.S. Be wary,I'm not much different.I have no dearth of similar crimes on record!Nevertheless,as my heart goes out to all those poor,despondent souls who bear me..I sympathise with you..*tsk tsk*

just me... :) said...

'Yours Truly' agrees that there's a very thin line between genius and eccentricities...but with time 'Yours Truly' has realised that Madam X is way on the other side of the fence...I leave you to judge which way...!!! :P

RUDRA said...

lifes a different story everyother day.. but gota accept your love n affection for this MADAM-X has leaned me to te level of curiosity to know more... :-P ...lolz

GoD bLEsS you with somemore experiences like those!! :-)
(yeah i know u probably feel like offering a kiss to me for this... but hey nevermind);-)

just me... :) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meher B said...

baut maar khane waali hai tu
tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

heheheee...ur a NATURAL writer...
waaah waah!!!
jst hope "madam X" dznt reed ds:P
bt i LOVEEEDDD ds post!!! said...

may god bless you with all the happiness in the world as a reward for tolerating that women for so long.


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